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2020 Photo Challenge
Shylah Reign & Kathryn Bucher

The Project

   The Spring of 2020 has been an unprecedented time for most of us.  The Covid 19 pandemic has completely reshaped the functioning of the world.  At its most tragic, it has wrought economic crisis, lingering illness and terrible loss of life.  At its most mundane, it has shaped the way we interact with our friends and family.  Social distancing and home isolation have vastly narrowed our circles of contact and urged us to find new ways to connect and keep ourselves active and engaged.  This project emerged from that new way of life.

The Assignments

   The project was begun to keep my niece Shylah and myself productive during a time when we were finding it all too easy to shut down and do nothing.  Part of Shylah's school curriculum was her photography class but there was very little structure to keep it interesting. We decided to create our own weekly assignments for at least a month during  lock down.

   Every week, there are two assignments.

On Sundays, we photograph each other in any manner we want.

Independently, during the week, we shoot photographs determined by ingredients generated in four categories by random die-roll.

The Ingredients


Who Are We?

Shylah turned 18 in 2020.  She was a senior in high school during a time when there was no school, no social life, no prom, no graduation. 

Katy is Shy's aunt. She turned 50 in 2020.  She works in the movie business which was completely shut down. She graduated with an MFA from CalArts in 2000.  


Shylah and Katy made a feature film together in 2015.  You should watch it.

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