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Director:   Kathryn L. Bucher

Starring:  Stacy Cunningham, Shylah Bucher, Ryan Scott, Noah Fleder, Kristopher Giacomazzi

Duration: 1hr 33 minutes

Genre:  Drama


Deeds is 13.  She has a Super8 movie camera and a favorite animal.

Jill is 40. She has a degree in poetry, a license to sell insurance and a short fuse.

Pete is 30.  He's got nothing.

1 car.  3 people.  5 days.  20 historical landmarks.  50 ft. reels.   673 miles.

A few bad choices.

SLDS  1 sheet Deeds.jpg
The Winter Tale

Director:  Kathryn L. Bucher

Starring:  Cheryl Lawson-Bucher, Con Shell

Duration: 19 minutes

Genre:  Fairy Tale Western


'The Winter Tale' is a supernatural Western twist of 'Little Red Riding Hood' set in Montana in the late 1800's. Alice, a very pregnant homesteader's wife runs afoul of a beguiling stranger while ferrying supplies through snowy woods to her cabin and waiting husband. The mysterious Wolfe wreaks havoc on her life and Alice must accustom herself to a whole new way of thinking, living and acceptance of the monstrous changes within her.


Shot on the now defunct Kodachrome Super 8 film, 'The Winter Tale' is a surreal, action-packed hybrid  of fantasy and western genres. 


Directors:  Richard Bucher, Kathryn L. Bucher

Duration: 8 minutes

Genre:  Documentary


Drawing upon the tradition of avant-garde  'city symphony' films, "No Gray Twilight" documents a day in the life of rough stock riders at a rodeo.


Director:  Kathryn L. Bucher

Starring:  Jason Rodriguez, Stacey Little-Cannizzaro, K L Bucher, John Cannizzaro

Duration: 50 minutes

Genre:  Fairy Tale Western


Montana, 1876.  The intense relationship between a fugitive brother and sister is despoiled by the abrupt arrival of a mysterious and alluring woman who literally falls into their camp one night.  The woman’s indifferent seduction of the siblings leads to death and madness as the sister struggles to reconcile reality and fantasy and ends up with her own rendering of events.  Shot on Super 8 film in the Big Hole of Montana, the story merges classic western standoffs with faerie tale deceptions as a young man and woman come of age in an isolated wilderness.

Shot on Super 8 Kodachrome film optically printed to 16mm.


Director:  Kathryn L. Bucher

Starring:  John Cannizzaro, Tammy Nabokov , Larry Bucher, Cheryl Kobashigawa

Duration: 20 minutes

Genre:  Fairy Tale Western


A romance in three parts based on a traditional Ozark folktale and inspired by the silent films of Keaton and Griffith.  "Fast" is about a young man's pursuit of love hindered by his father's youthful amorous follies.


Shot on Kodak Plus X Super 8 film. 

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