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A Tad Western Productions honors three generations of expertise in the creation and exhibition of western period and

horse-oriented entertainment. If your project requires entertainment, livestock, props, wardrobe, talent, crew,

stunt work or stunt coordination for an event or production in any medium, contact us at


Cheryl Lawson-Bucher is an accomplished actress and stuntwoman.  She has a cult following as the scream queen

star of “The Dead Pit” (Brett Leonard, 1989) and can be seen as one of the stars of “Reckoning” (Jason Rodriguez,



Kathryn L. Bucher has made numerous films.  She has her MFA from California Institute of the Arts.  She is a proud

member of MPC Local 705.


Larry Bucher is an avid reader,  businessman, big game hunter and conservationist.


Richard L. Bucher is a stuntman, photographer and filmmaker. 

Shylah Bucher is an dancer, actress and photographer. 

John Cannizzaro is the award winning filmmaker of “50 Feet That ShookThe World”.  His experimental films have played in film festivals around the world.  Please log on to for more information and to check out his films.


Joe Cannizzaro is a musician and songwriter with a wide range of musical influences and styles.  He has written several scores for  films and  commercials.  He is a founding member of the bands The Switch and Uncle Pecos.


Stacey Little Cannizzaro is an actress and rapper/singer who also worked as a stylist in the entertainment industry for many years.  


Dayla Corcoran Kennedy  is a filmmaker, writer and producer raised in Southern California. Dayla received her BFA from California Institute of the Arts in Film/Video and has since spent the majority of her time making short films while simultaneously writing and working in animation. Dayla is best known for her own short films, Some Girls' Mothers & Highpoint Pool and for her work in production on animated shows such as Family Guy, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and Shrek. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Colin Kennedy and their four children.

Stacy Cunningham is an actress, producer, writer and director. Find out more at . She also runs the Way Down Film Festival, check in out at 


Brian Duffy is a stuntman, actor and photographer.  

Christina Hale is a muti-media artist with her BFA from UC Berkeley.  Her paintings and drawings have been on display in galleries around the US.  She is the creator of the drawings for Stray Pets Films. Her drawing “Happy Birthday To Me” is the Chicodu Films logo.  Other work can be seen at and you can purchase original art, prints and t-shirts at

Jason Rodriguez is a filmmaker.  His recent feature film “Reckoning” is a favorite on the Starz Western Channel.  Also an actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator, he has worked in the entertainment industry since the early ‘90’s. For a complete list of credits and links to his films go to


Con Schell is an actor and stuntman. 

Paul Stec is a knife maker and cinematographer with his BFA from California Institute of the Arts.  


Pro8 is the premiere source for all things related to professional Super 8 filmmaking.  Please log onto for more information.


Naomi Uman is an award winning experimental filmmaker. She lives in  Mexico City where she makes films at a small table accompanied by a very small dog.  


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